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2015 Hong Kong Open Source Conference Calling For Proposals

Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2015 is 2-day annual international open source conference in Hong Kong, local and overseas speakers are invited through Call For Proposals process.

Tentative Date: 2015.05.15-16 (Friday-Saturday)

Call For Proposals (CFP) is now started, overseas and local F/OSS contributors are all welcome to submit proposals by 11st January 2015.

Summit your talk:

About HKOSC(Hong Kong Open Source Conference)

Idea of organizing a open source conference in Hong Kong by community is started in 2004.After a success in organizing GNOME.Asia Summit 2012 in Hong Kong, open source community organized first community driven open source conference in Hong Kong in 2013.


Coding For Fun Location Needed

We were planing to run coding-for-fun on the 27th this month. Unfortunately, we were unable to confirm a location!

If you know of any suitable location, please get in touch with us.

Our needs are:

  • space with chairs and tables for 10 to 30 people
  • internet access
  • a projector or a large TV with VGA support.
  • available from 11am to 6pm or longer...
  • we are happy to order lunch if the place is a restaurant, but there should be no minimum purchase requirement because we are coming to hack code, not to eat and drink.

if you know any such place, please send us a message, here in the forum, or by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


BLUG Meeting - December 2014

Which FOSS technology is the most famous in this 2014? It must be Docker!

Meaglith Ma(马全一)  from will introduce Docker containers, and talk about Docker vs CoreOS !

If you want to learn something about Docker, please don't missing this meeting!

This will be the last BLUG meeting of 2014. See you 2015 !

Time: 19:00
Date: Tuesday, December 9, 2014
Location: Jazz Island Coffee (爵士岛咖啡二楼)
Address (Chinese): 东城区东直门内大街东扬威街11号楼(来福士大厦对面北侧)
Map: mapbar (via dianping)
Subway: Dongzhimen Exit A
Phone: 010-8406-1040


Guest in Town! Dong Hong Phuc from FOSSASIA (Saturday: 6.12.2014)

Guest in Town:  Dang Hong Phuc from FOSSASIA

She will give us a talk about the FOSSASIA Summit, which will be held in Singapore in 2015.

Time: 18:00
Date: Saturday, December 6, 2014
Location: Jazz Island Coffee (爵士岛咖啡二楼)
Address (Chinese): 东城区东直门内大街东扬威街11号楼(来福士大厦对面北侧)
Map: mapbar (via dianping)
Subway: Dongzhimen Exit A
Phone: 010-8406-1040


BLUG Tuesday December 2nd 2014

After this weekends Hackfest and Party, anything that follows will feel insignificant in comparison.

If you remember in May this year, our previous favourite meeting place closed down to be completely rebuilt. In the meantime, rebuilding has completed, and i'd like to take the opportunity to take a look at the new place, to see if it is suitable for future meetings.

Time: 7pm
Date: Tuesday, May 27th, 2014
Location: No.5-5, DongZhiMenNeiDaJie (Gui Jie)
东城区东直门内大街5-5号(簋街 )
Subway: Dongzhimen Exit A


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