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Coding For Fun (26 July 2014)

We are looking forward to meet a few new participants this month

coding-for-fun will be hosted by Happylatte on Saturday the 26th of July!

coding-for-fun 活动将会于7月26日(周六)上午Happylatte 举行

Projects we will work on among others are:

  • design a new BLUG T-shirt
  • implement a community event calendar
  • learning to program with python, ruby or coffeescript

Of course, any other project is welcome too.

coding-for-fun aims to bring together developers in an informal way to encourage them to share their projects and coding experience. So, it's basically like a Hackathon. Everyone hacks on their own project or may join someone elses project. People may also give short presentations or demos of their current projects and maybe get some feedback and suggestions.

Please bring

  • your laptop and all the equipment and gear you need
  • a power strip (电源排座)

coding-for-fun is open to anyone interested in sharing and learning.

BLUG membership is not required

Projects are not restricted. They can be about building something with Free Software, Open Hardware or or just learning a tool or language, or even something non-computer related.

时间: 6月21日上午 11:00-18:00
地点: 朝阳区甜水园东街2号, 甜水园商务中心D坊 (近 6 号线的金台路站B口)。出金台路站B口,右转向北,见第一个路口右转100米,可在左手边见到黄色的一个院子那就是甜水园商务中心,进入院子的最里侧即可见D坊,活动地点在D坊的一层
电话: +86 (10) 6593 5598
地铁: 近 6 号线的金台路站
地图: baidu

Time: 11am - 6pm
Date: Saturday, July 26, 2014
Location: Happylatte _New_ Office
Address: D Fang Tianshuiyuan Business Center Tianshuiyuan Dongjie No 2.
Phone: +86 (10) 6593 5598
Subway: Line 6 Jintailu
Map: google+

Guide me to there!


BLUG Tuesday - Dongsi Shitiao 东四十条 (22.7)

continuing last weeks theme of exploring new places, this week we'll try Dongsi Shitiao 东四十条

we'll meet at Exit B, pick a direction and find a place we like!

Time: 19:00
Date: Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Location: Dongsi Shitiao 东四十条
Subway: Line 2, Dongsi Shitiao 东四十条 Exit B


BLUG Tuesday - Dongdaqiao (15.7)

let's explore some nearby places that we haven't been to. today: Dongdaqiao.

we'll meet at Exit A and find a place to eat!

Time: 19:00
Date: Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Location: Dongdaqiao 东大桥
Subway: Line 6, Dongdaqiao 东大桥 Exit A


BLUG Meeting July 2014 - Chinese Interfaces

The topic of this meeting is Chinese Interfaces, that is we want to explore the options and tools that are specifically interesting to chinese users. We will start with an

Introduction to Linux Deepin and Ubuntu Kylin

but we hope that users and developers of other distributions Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, and others will join us and help us explore what the various distributions have to offer.

In addition, BJGUG will also introduce the following topics:

1. Starting the project of GNOME development tutorial.                                     
2. About the packaging workshop project.                                                   

PLEASE NOTE: The Location will be at Traktirr!

The Meeting begins at 7pm. the talk will start a 8pm.

本次活动将与 BJGUG (Beijing GNOME User Group) 合办。


希望其他发行版的用户和开发者加入,Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE … 一起探讨各发行版所面临的共同问题。


关于Packaging Workshop项目如何开展

Time: 19:00
Date: Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Location: Traktirr Russian Restaurant, 5-15 DongZhiMen NeiDaJie 东直门内大街 彼得堡餐厅
Phone: 8407-8158
Map: here
Subway: 东直门 (DongZhiMen) Line 2 and Line 13 (+ 3 minutes walk West) OR 北新桥 (BeiXinQiao) Line 5 (+ 10 minutes walk East)
Bus: 东直门内 (DongZhiMen Nei) at Beijing Public Transport OR Google Maps

时间:2014年7月8日 19:00
地点:东直门 彼得堡西餐厅


BLUG Tuesday - Malaysian (1.7)

For something a little bit different, this week we'll go malaysian!

blug-tuesday will be at the Raya Malaysian Restaurant

Time: 19:00
Date: Tuesday, July 1, 2014
Location: Raya Malaysian Restaurant
Address: E156 Building 8, Jinhui Road, Chaoyang District
Map: google-maps(approximate) - dianping
Subway: line 6 Dongdaqiao
Phone: 189 1015 0773


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