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SUSE Hackweek 13 (Dec 7th - 11th)

Hack Week 13 is around the corner. It will happen December 7th - December 11th! And as with every Hack Week, we can't make it happen without volunteers! If you would like to help, and particularly if you have your own ideas how to make the 13th Hack Week even better than the ones before, don't wait, don't hesitate and let your department lead know today. Happy Hacking!

Hack Week is a week where SUSE engineers can experiment without limits. It's the opportunity to innovate, collaborate across teams, and learn. The only rule is: Do what you want, but do it!

This year the BLUG is invited to join the SUSE Hackweek, and a few of us will be working alongside SUSE developers in their office.

Join a team working on a project during Hackweek or create your own new project at

You are welcome join us on IRC on in the channels #chinalug and #hackweek

Date/Time: From Dec 7 ~ 11,  9:00 ~ 17:00
Location: SUSE Beijing Office (Tel 65339000)
Address: 北京财富中心3603,  Beijing Fortune Plaza Office 3603
Map: OpenStreetMap
Subway: 十号线金台夕照(Jin Tai Xi Zhao of Line 10) Exit D


BLUG Tuesday - Chuanr Night 串之夜 (2015-12-01)



Donation and Costs of 13th Annual BLUG Birthday Party

Thanks All of following contributions for supporting this awesome Annual BLUG Birthday Party!

Andy Zhu CNY 50
(Anonymous) CNY 100
Charlie                      CNY 100
Conner CNY 100
Duweihua CNY 100 + 482 (cake)
Hu CNY 200
Jasnie CNY 50
Liu Hua Wang         CNY 100
Mr Ma CNY 500
Ran Liang CNY 100
Ray CNY 100
Steven CNY 600
Xie Tianming CNY 1000

And following are what we costs for this party

Big Cake CNY 482
Chuan'r CNY 360
Pizza & Drinks CNY 2213


Guest in Town - Jim Huang from Taiwan

Jim Huang (黄敬群,Jserv) who are the famous Android developer, education worker in Taiwan, you could find his name in any Android device's legal information page.

He would visit Beijing this weekend, so we plan invited him joins and share dinner in this cold winter.

Time: 19:00
Date: Saturday, November 28, 2015
Location: 于记串吧
Address: 于记串吧,五道口,东升园公寓12号楼1层
Phone: 62574897
Subway: Line 13 Wudaoko


Chuanr Night - Winter Chat 串之夜:冬聊

please check our new website for details

活动内容:聊天吃串为主(Chating and eating)

  • Time: 19:00, 2015-11-17 (Tue)
  • Location: 工体附近-小张烤串 Xiao Zhang Kaochuanr - near GongTi
  • Address: Opposite Worker’s Stadium North Gate to the North, behind the China Post Office to the East. 朝阳区工体北路邮局4号侧胡同内5米,工体对面邮局东侧。
  • Map: Dianping(大众点评)
  • Tel: 010-64154335

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