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BLUG Tuesday - explore new place near Beijing Institute of Technology

This time we will explore a new place - "白石桥七号咖啡馆". No special topic, just free chat or coding. Please pay attention that our event will begin at 14:00 PM.

  • Time: 14:00 PM
  • Date: Tuesday, October 6th, 2015
  • Location: 白石桥七号咖啡馆
  • Address: 北三环西路66号 北京理工大学国际教育交流中心 一层
    No.66 BeiSanHuanXiLu, International Education Communication Center, the first floor
  • Traffic: 地铁4号线人民大学站D口(沿三环辅路往西步行900米),北理工北门进去右转
    Subway line 4, Renmin University station, exit D (Walk for 900 meters to the west alone with the 3rd ring road), walk into the north gate of Institute and turn right.
  • Map: OpenStreetMap
  • Phone: (010)68945611-5587

BLUG Tuesday at Dongzhimen

Let's discuss our new website.

Time: 19:00
Date: Tuesday, September 29th, 2015
Location: Jazz Island Coffee (爵士岛咖啡二楼)
Address (Chinese): 东城区东直门内大街东扬威街11号楼(来福士大厦对面北侧)
Map: mapbar (via dianping)
Subway: Dongzhimen Exit A
Phone: 010-8406-1040


Coding for Fun(乐码周末) - New Place Red Hat - Sep 2015

Coding-for-fun(乐码周末) is open to anyone interested in sharing and learning with Free Software(自由软件). BLUG membership is not required. Its better to take your laptop!

Special thanks to Red Hat Beijing office for the location. 特别感谢红帽北京办公室提供活动场地!

You can do followings here:

  • Coding - of course for any blugers
  • Eating - snack, drink, (Pay yourself for dinner)
  • Watching - documentary movies, on-line videos, we can provide the projector
  • Playing - table games
  • Body Exercise - we have some simple equipments.


  • 码 - 垒代码是 Bluger 的主业!
  • 吃 - 零食饮料(晚餐各付各的哦!)
  • 看 - 纪录片,在线视频。我们提供投影机
  • 玩 - 桌游当然有
  • 炼 - 锻炼身体,这里有一些简单的健身器材


  • Time: 13:30 - evening
  • Date: Saturday, Sept 26th, 2015
  • Location: Red Hat Beijing, 10/F, North Tower C, Raycom Infotech Park No.2 Ke Xueyuan Nanlu
  • Address: 融科资讯中心 C 座北楼10层

BLUG Tuesday in WuDaoKou (9-22)

The Restaurant at the End(Center) of the Universe

This time, we will again go to WuDaoKou(五道口) - also known as "the center of Universe" ("宇宙中心"). Let's talk everything without any limits - remember - that is your FREEDOM!

yes, we have been there only two weeks ago, but we have more participants from the west these days. also we'd like to explore more places in the area, so maybe after meeting at 'sculpting in time' we'll go somewhere else.

  • Time: 19:30, 2015-09-22(Tue)
  • Location: 雕刻时光咖啡馆(五道口店) Sculpting in Time Coffee (WuDaoKou)
  • Address: 海淀区 成府路华清嘉园12号楼2号3楼(近五道口城铁站)
  • Traffic: 地铁13号线 五道口站 B出口,向西60米路口向南 Subway Line 13, WuDaoKou station, Exit B
  • Tel: 010-82863094

openSUSE.Asia Summit – Call for Papers

The openSUSE.Asia Committee is happy to announce the call for papers upcoming second openSUSE.Asia Summit. Starting today, the Committee is looking forward to see your proposals. The committee is looking for speakers from different avenues representing and advocating Free and Open Source Software.

Presentations can be submitted in any of the four formats

  • Lightning Talk (10 mins)
  • Short Talk (30 mins)
  • Long Talk (60 mins)
  • Workshop (3 hours)

The openSUSE.Asia committee highly recommends workshops or hands on sessions. Papers can be submitted at the conference website.


Papers can be submitted until 25th of September. The openSUSE.Asia Committee will evaluate the proposals based on the submitted abstracts and available time in the schedule, and, the accepted proposals will be announced on 9thOctober.


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  • luoxue921: 我一直想做点什么,比如在那边也建一个社区,因为那边好像也有大学什么的,因为我在负责一个项目,数字化团场,要培养一批当地的人才,借此机会我想尝试下,但是却不知道怎么去做
  • luoxue921: 我不记得自己什么时候关注这个社区了,那时候还上学,后来从事linux服务器的集成,感情原因,心情很失落,辞掉工作一个人去新疆工作,原以为不再会和电脑打交道,事与愿违,我还是重操旧业,只不过现在是类似政府中的一名职员,今年回河北老家,经过北京从飞机上下来感概万千,已经4年多了
  • luoxue921: sorry,maybe I won‘t speak English beacuse that will cannot express my mood
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