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Lemote/Loongson and New Web Site presentation

  • Kevin has received a Lemote (Long Meng) box with Loongson (Long Xin) and will prepare a speech on Loongson and Lemote for the next monthly meeting (February 13). He is also trying to contact the guys in Lemote team to see if they can send someone to give a speech for BLUG.
  • New website presentation.
  • Pictures here

Notes and presentations:


Beijing Linux User Group had a great meeting tonight.  We were introduced to Dr. Zhang Fu Xin, Vice Researcher for the Institute of Computing Technology (ICT) and CEO for Lemote.  Lemote is one of many emerging Chinese OEMs that are beginning to produce original concepts in hardware design and architecture. 

Dr. Zhang began his work at Lemote at the urging of ICT.  ICT has a 50 percent stake in Lemote, the other 50 percent belonging to the government.  The government has funded the ICT and indirectly Lemote vary handsomely.  This funding is what will allow Lemote of achieving its goals which are challenge Apple and Microsoft in the home media market, further innovate computing in cars and to mass produce a computer for the rural people of China.

The Lemote box is largely dependent on an ICT innovation, the Loongson Microprocessor, which is the first general purpose microprocessor in China.  Interestingly enough, Loongson is licensed to a French company, ST Micro, for manufacturing and sales, of which its largest client is Lemote.  The Lemote box is currently using the 2nd generation processor, 2E, which peaks at 1 GHz, 500@Spec CPU 2000.  A 3rd generation is currently being designed and will have a multiple core design and be compatible with multiple platforms, including x86 and SPARC.  The current processor only supports MIPS, which is a slight problem for community involvement as not many people have access to MIPS hardware.

Dr. Zhang has a strong passion for the Open Source community and has offered to give a box to any one that wishes to  contribute ( to the Lemote application platform.  One of the reasons ICT brought Dr. Zhang into this company was because of his strong ties to the community, they want to leverage Free Software as the means for cost effective development and as an avenue to innovate. 

As to the Lemote box, its Boot Loader is pmon 2000, the box has been certified to work with MIPS, debian and SUNWAH.  Certification for Gentoo, Hiweed, Magic, Red flag, Co Create and other distros is currently under way.  The Lemote box is a mini PC that costs 1600 RMB, but can be yours for free if you can lend a hand.  As one BLUG member commented, “Now I can imagine what it must have felt like in 1981 to have Bill Gates introduce his idea, to sit there and have someone put all the pieces together that could eventually begin a revolution’.  Whether or not the Lemote box will revolutionize the PC world I doubt, as does Dr. Zhang, but what it will do, like the E28 phone, is allow more people to have a cheap platform to innovate from.


Website in short


  • Why?
  • Technological choice
  • Content review
  • Implementation
  • To-do list
  • Thanks

  1. Why?
    • To move the group knowledge to the website which has not worked so far
    • To chose a simpler architecture matching our “simple” requirements
    • To generate further content by (hopefully) providing a better interface between website visitors and our group
    • To encourage people to participate more
  2. Technological choice: Joomla! CMS
    • Joomla is a phonetic spelling for the Swahili word "Jumla", which means "all together" or "as a whole"
    • Joomla! is a mature project and widely used
    • Joomla! comes from a fork of Mambo which itself started as a proprietary product engineered in 2000, to a release to the Open Source community in April 2001
    • Lots of support, lots of tutorials, lots of modules available under GPL
    • Highly customizable, CSS support, full tableless design is possible, etc
    • And I use it everyday...
  3. Our content
    • Now:
    Mailing list
    Meetings (monthly and Linux/Open source related)
    • Soon:
    Meeting summaries
    Howto specific to our group (either extracted from the forum or user contributed
    Directory listing for paid support
  4. Implementation
    • Latest events and latest thread in the forum easily available from the front page
    • Frontpage supports RSS
    • Forum supports RSS and people can subscribe to specific topics
    • Flickr group has been created and people can be added to the BLUG flickr group pushing content to the website
    • Mailing list will either be emails sent from Joomla! or people subscribing to an Announcement thread
    • Directory listing not implemented yet
  5. To-do list
    • Fine tune the look&feel, CSS and cross browser testing
    • Copy&paste mailing list (technical only)
    • Upload existing pictures to Flickr
    • Resubscribe people
    • Finalize the content displayed on the site
    • Make a 'website team' of 2 individuals to continue site maintenance and updates
    • Train people who wants to contribute
    • Maybe more...
  6. Contributors
    • Daniel Stegen for the graphics and feedbacks
    • Darren and Adam for inputs
    • Michael for feedbacks and hosting
    • Pockey for patience and feedbacks


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