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BLUG Meeting June 2014 - MariaDB - Guest in Town

Colin Charles - Chief evangelist for MariaDB - visits Beijing

China is the #1 user of MariaDB!

Colin will talk to us about MariaDB, what its all about, and all the nifty features we get that aren't in MySQL.

The Location will be as usual in Dongzhimen at the Jazz Island Coffee.

The Meeting begins at 7pm. the talk will start a 8pm.

Time: 19:00
Date: Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Location: Jazz Island Coffee
Address (Chinese): 东城区东直门内大街东扬威街11号楼(近来福士大厦)
Map: mapbar (via dianping)
Subway: Dongzhimen Exit A
Phone: 010-8406-1040


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  • eMBee: i am sorry that we had to change the location at the last minute. i hope noone got lost because of that
  • eMBee: please watch the location for coding-for-fun
  • persmule: “雕刻时光”=“sculping in time”=” “雕刻时光”=“<a target="_blank" href="“">&gt;&gt;link&lt;&lt;</a>
  • persmule: “雕刻时光”=“sculping in time&quot;=&quot;<a target="_blank" href=";">&gt;&gt;link&lt;&lt;</a>
  • eMBee: we had a full house for HFD at the makerspace in beijing!
  • Fred: HFD is today! Yeah!
  • Fred: seems like not. Will continue exploring...
  • Fred: hopefully the DB crashes are over too :/
  • Fred: some old cache files needed to be removed. All should be fine now. If not, please point out your issue in the forum replying to my post. Thanks and happy BLUG!
  • Fred: Site is currently back, still have a few issues but should be fixed within this day

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